JR Spec High Output Systems


"GTR Fired and APS Hired.  

The APS engineered 200SX is one of the most exhilarating street cars I have ever driven".   

Jim Richards 




The JR Spec series of High Output systems represent the ultimate in high engine performance for the 200SX. With a total of 3 power levels of fully engineered high output systems, APS can satisfy the performance enthusiast's need for an exhilarating 200SX.  

APS has transformed the Nissan's "pocket rocket" 200SX by boosting standard flywheel output from 147 kW  all the way through to 280 kW. 

But that doesn't tell the whole story. Significantly enhanced mid range torque really transforms the 200SX into a torque monster with fantastic straight line acceleration and simultaneously enhancing the 200SX's excellent driveability.  You can have your cake and eat it too!  

The highly regarded APS commitment to quality is assurance that reliability has been designed into the system. Each system has been meticulously designed to be compatible with the standard vehicles engine and drivetrain components.  

All components supplied have been carefully matched and exceed APS's strict performance and reliability criteria. An exhaustive testing program on APS's 200SX engineering vehicles ensures maximum performance with durability.  At APS we have a simple philosophy when it comes to performance - To come first, first you must finish.   

Performance is not only measured by quick quarter mile times and high speed. At APS we believe it's as important that you have many  years of reliable enjoyment and a car that is always exhilarating  to drive. 

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The JR1 Spec guarantees spirited performance with excellent day to day driveability.
The serious enthusiast's choice - Engineered to take full advantage of the standard turbocharger for exhilarating performance and excellent driveability.
The ultimate in engine performance. Insane outright horsepower with impeccable driveability.
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