High Output Turbocharger



"GTR Fired and APS Hired.  

The APS engineered 200SX is one of the most exhilarating street cars I have ever driven".   

Jim Richards  


 200SX Turbocharger
APS Ball Bearing Turbochargers to suit Nissan's 200SX

Typically, a standard S15 200SX produces 120 kW at the wheels in 4th gear. It is quite possible to achieve 180 kW with the correct combination of complimentary components whilst retaining the standard turbocharger.

However, at that point, the air flow capacity of the standard turbocharger becomes the limiting factor.

APS is proud to offer the 200 SX enthusiast a choice of two direct bolt-on turbochargers capable of addressing this issue.

The first turbocharger unit, capable of 240 kW at the wheels is ideally suited to the internally standard engine and the best possible combination of intercooler, exhaust system and engine management. In fact, the perfect step up from APS' JR2 Spec!

The second turbocharger unit capable of 280 kW at the wheels is intended for the seriously prepared angine. As a result, it should be complimented by appropriate internal engine enhancements.

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