Unichip ECU 


"Power without compromise, that's what we like to see".  

Fast Fours and Rotaries Magazine  


The flexibility of the Unichip Engine Control Unit (it's a fully functioning computer, not just a chip) has to be seen to be believed. With 408 adjustments, perfect engine tune is achieved at all RPM and at all throttle positions. The Unichip ensures maximum torque, power, instant throttle response and good fuel economy. 

Importantly, the Unichip ECU works in harmony with the factory ECU. That means cold starts are never a problem and engine protection is never compromised with fully functioning air temperature compensation and knock sensor control. Unichip is designed to work in conjunction with the standard ECU self learn facility for optimum engine efficiency under light throttle cruise conditions. (Click here for a technical discussion on Self Learn and Unichip) 

Any performance enhancement such as a bigger turbocharger, intercooler, or free flowing exhaust system, demands the Unichip. You won't get the maximum benefit from your modifications until the Unichip is fitted and tuned for your engine. 

Also available with the Unichip are exciting options such as: 

  • computer managed boost control for optimized boost levels throughout the entire rev range.
  • Auxilliary injector control for high horsepower applications where up to 4 auxilliary injectors can be driven.
  • computer controlled intercooler water spray for additional charge air cooling when the engine really needs it. Will be mapped against boost pressure and engine RPM.
  • dual ignition maps for operating with different fuels or road/race applications.
Suits all Models 200SX 
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Please Note: The Unichip is available from APS in Australia and New Zealand only. For other regions, please contact Dastek.