JR2 Spec 0-400m Testing


"GTR Fired and APS Hired. 

The APS engineered 200SX is one of the most exhilarating street cars I have ever driven".  

Jim Richards 


There's no doubt that an exhilarating 200SX is one that is not only responsive and easy to drive, but one that accelerates like a bat out of hell. In order to obtain accurate acceleration times, APS conducted a series of acceleration tests at Calder Raceway in Melbourne. 

The video footage below shows a number of 0-400m runs at JR2 Spec level. Proper launching technique is critical in producing quick times and that's exactly what we were trying to achieve. As you will see from the video footage, the excellent throttle response offered by the JR2 Spec system makes for fast launching with the right amount of wheel spin. 

The video file is in wmv (windows media video) format which should play on most modern computers.   

The video file size is 3,725 kb in size so please be patient.

0 - 100 kph - 5.1 sec

0 - 400 m - 13.3 sec@177 kph

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