Nissan 350Z Performance
APS Twin Cold Air Intake



APS Twin Cold Air Intake System

APS has designed and manufactured vehicle specific air cleaners that deliver a huge volume of cold air to each turbocharger. Most importantly from an air temperature perspective, APS has positioned them outside the engine compartment.

Unlike ram pods which source hot air from under the bonnet, the APS system breathes cool air from the inner guard for the optimum engine performance and durability. More importantly the air through the APS high flow air intake system is consistent in temperature. This means that the engine management unit's temperature compensation system operates correctly - unlike devices that source air from the highly turbulent areas under hood.

Each turbocharger is fed directly by it's own air cleaner element via highly polished 304 Grade Stainless Steel ducts in exposed / hot areas and polymer air ducts custom made to APS specifications for areas that are hidden from view. The APS polymer ducts are also totally dust / water proof and above all, provide a very durable and highly flexible connection between the air filter and stainless steel duct. Flexibility and durability are of utmost importance in this area as this allows for a great deal of engine movement due to high engine torque.

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