Nissan 350Z Performance
Extreme Twin Turbo System APS350Z-TTS/09




Nissan 350Z - APS Extreme Twin Turbo System

Arguably one of the most exciting product releases for the horsepower hungry 350Z performance enthusiast since the release of the Z itself! Nearly two years in the making, the APS Extreme Twin Turbo System is the pinnacle of turbocharger system evolution for the Nissan 350Z.

Without doubt, everything about the APS Extreme Twin Turbo System says BIG! Big turbochargers, big intercooling, big fuel system, big down pipes - Big Power - over 50 lb/min mass air flow from each turbocharger.

A pair of huge GT Series Garrett dual ball bearing turbochargers constructed with Inconel turbine wheels and Ni-Resist turbine housings nestle deep in the engine bay below a pair of custom APS Ni-Resist cast manifolds. In keeping with the huge exhaust gas flow requirements, the APS cast manifolds are engineered specifically with outlet flanges for high volume remote wastegates in order to deliver the greatest possible boost pressure adjustability and flexibility - at extreme boost pressure levels.

The best turbocharging also demands the best possible intercooling both in terms of cooling performance within the intercooler and air flow performance of the entire charge air transfer system.

A massive 5" deep vertical flow intercooler core is shoehorned into the front of the 350Z for the greatest possible cooling performance. In addition to the extra chilling capacity a larger intercooler provides, the proportionally deeper internal air passages deliver a greater effective internal cross sectional area to further reduce any pressure drop at extreme charge air flow rates. This is in stark contrast to simply making a larger (taller) core that has no positive affect upon improving charge air flow.

Huge diameter stainless steel ducts transfer charge air from each turbocharger to their respective air entry ports in the cast alloy lower end tanks. The huge ducting delivers high charge air mass air flow with the best pressure difference possible - each side perfectly balanced with equal length ducting.

In addition to large turbochargers and massive intercooling, high horsepower can only be reliably achieved with an advanced fuel system that is designed to operate at very high boost referenced fuel flow rates - but with plenty of reserve capacity to accommodate the variety of tuning strategies demanded by experienced turbocharged engine tuners around the planet.

The APS Extreme Twin Turbo System is delivered complete with the APS Extreme Performance Full Return Fuel System that includes a replacement in-tank twin fuel pump anti-surge tank, billet fuel rails, twin fuel rail mounted 4 Bar fuel pressure regulators, and six high performance 880cc fuel injectors.

Of course, at the power levels that the APS Extreme Twin Turbo System is designed for, the fuel system is a full return fuel system that is configured with twin full length "pump to rail" fuel supply lines - perfectly balanced at the fuel rails via the twin fuel pressure regulators.

In addition, highly robust Teflon lined stainless steel braided fuel lines that are spiral wrapped and a replacement fuel injector loom are included with the APS Extreme Performance fuel system for straight forward installation and years of hassle-free high performance motoring.

The APS Extreme Performance Full Return fuel system delivers a huge volume of fuel at a rock steady fuel pressure that is balanced and boost referenced for the ultimate in fuel system performance on extreme horsepower VQ35 engines.

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Hot exhaust gasses are scavenged by gigantic 3.5" down pipes that are each engineered with external wastegate flanges, constructed in highly polished stainless steel and precision TIG welded. This ensures that the maximum exhaust gas energy is available to each turbocharger - and the result, fast turbocharger spool-up, a tidal wave of torque and huge outright horsepower.

Each down pipe ends in the same cat exit flange position as the stock exhaust system - albeit with large diameter exhaust flanges. This means that both the APS True Dual 2.5" Cat Back Sports and Twin 3" Race Exhaust Systems will bolt straight up to the big bore down pipes. Naturally, the enormous APS 3" exhaust system is the ideal option for the APS high horsepower Extreme Twin Turbo System due to the extremely low back pressure delivered by this system at such high engine horsepower levels.

More often than not, each race engine tuner has a preference for a particular type of engine management system to suit the combination of engine type and intended vehicle usage. In order to deliver the greatest tuning flexibility and most cost effective solution, the APS Extreme Twin Turbo System is offered without any engine management components. This means that the 350Z power enthusiast is free to choose his favorite engine management system, be it full standalone, interceptor or any other computer system that is appropriate for an extreme horsepower VQ35 engine.

The APS Extreme Twin Turbo System is the ideal choice for the horsepower hungry Z owner who desires huge engine power and torque in one system.

Each subsystem is purposely designed and precisely engineered to operate together and deliver outstanding results that will satisfy the most ardent enthusiast.

A well built engine deserves the best in turbocharging - and from the above dyno graph, GT Motorsports in California have demonstrated huge horsepower, monster torque and best of all, perfect power delivery.

OPTIONAL Components P/N APS350Z-TTS/09
True Dual 2.5" Cat Back Sports Exhaust System
Optional twin 2.5" mandrel formed/TIG welded 304 Stainless Steel cat back sports exhaust system - Power through Precision.

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P/N APS350Z-HOE/01

Twin 3" - with 3.5" Test Pipes Race Exhaust System
Optional twin 3" mandrel formed/TIG welded 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust System for maximum performance in race conditions. Optional Huge 3.5" test pipes.

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P/N APS350Z-HOE/03

APS Tall-Boy Balanced Distribution Inlet Plenum
Optional APS Tall-Boy Inlet Plenum for even air distribution across all cylinders.

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P/N APS350Z-IPA/01

APS Tough-Boy Strut Brace
Optional APS Tough-Boy strut brace - required with APS Plenum.

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APS EXTREME Intercooled Twin Turbo System