Nissan 350Z Performance
APS TIG Welded Stainless Steel Ducting


APS TIG Welded Stainless Steel Ducting

O.E. quality flexible air ducting connects the air cleaners to polished 304 stainless steel compressor inlet ducts.

The shortest possible routing, equal length, mandrel bent, polished 304 stainless steel ducting, connects the compressor discharges to the twin intercooler inlets. This contributes to the brilliant boost response of the APS 350Z turbo systems.

Custom turbocharger flanges in 304 stainless steel ensure bullet proof connection to each turbocharger and optimum air flow. In addition, ancillary connections such as those to the blow off valve and blow off valve return lines are positioned for optimum air flow so that the already crisp turbocharger response in accentuated during gear changes.

All hose connection faces are heavily beaded for
ultra-reliable hose retention under extreme boost conditions

Ducting length is critical on the 350 Z in order to achieve balanced induction and excellent driveability. By designing the turbocharger to intercooler ducting specifically to be of equal length, each turbocharger experiences exactly the same effective air path to the intercooler which results in totally balanced turbocharger performance. Other systems that are designed with unequal length, experience boost pressure and air movement issues where under certain conditions, one turbocharger pushes air back through the intercooler and into the other turbocharger ducting. As air movement is momentum based, this is simply wasted energy that should be better put towards producing horsepower, not restriction. In addition, these systems of unequal length take the charge air from one turbocharger all the way across the engine bay to the other side in order to enter the single air entry point to the intercooler. This creates a massive restriction compounded even further by having to turn almost 180 degrees in order to enter the intercooler.

The advanced APS dual entry intercooler not only solves this problem but allows APS to utilize true equal length ducting - the most efficient routing for the twin turbo Z!

A custom moulded silicon hose connects the intercooler outlet to the combination MAP/throttle body inlet duct. Again, the shortest possible routing has been utilised in mandrel bent, polished 304 stainless steel and precision TIG welded. In addition to the MAF sensor mounting provision, connection is incorporated for the APS high volume, dual vent blow off valve which is supplied as standard in the APS 350Z turbo system.

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