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APS High Output
Cat Back Exhaust System



APS High Output Cat Back Exhaust System

Optimum gas flow and minimal exhaust back pressure is essential for high power. The APS high output stainless steel exhaust system really performs.

Crafted in premium 304 stainless steel and precision TIG welded, the APS system is designed to perform at the most extreme power levels. Careful attention to tube diameter, smooth radius mandrel bends and muffler design is essential for high performance. With 20 years of experience in exhaust system design, we have built a superb exhaust system for the 350Z. 

Polished 304 Grade Stainless Steel twin 2.5 inch - in / twin 2.5 inch - out / True Twin Internal APS muffler. 304 Grade Stainless Steel is manufactured with higher nickel content than traditional 409 Grade as used in other systems. 304 Grade is not only more robust at high exhaust gas temperatures but also delivers a more durable finish.

By dissipating the hot exhaust gasses more efficiently, the APS High Output exhaust lowers the thermal load on vital engine components such as pistons, combustion chambers, valves etc., particularly at high horsepower levels.

The end result is an exhaust system that produces high outright power with stronger low to mid range torque. And in the case of the APS Twin Turbo System, improved turbo response (no lag) and maximum durability.

Further good news for the performance enthusiast is that the APS High Output Exhaust has provision for the stock wind deflector on the leading side of the muffler assembly. The stock wind deflector is an aerodynamic aid that slices through the turbulent under body air flow and channels air under the muffler.

Careful attention has been paid to exhaust noise and note without compromising outright performance. A strong but subdued exhaust note that sounds as close to a 911 Porsche as you will ever get - yet very refined with no drone at highway cruise and well matched to the dynamics of the 350Z.

For total peace of mind and bullet-proof, leak free operation, the APS High Output Exhaust System utilizes 4 bolt stainless steel race flanges throughout (2 bolt flanges for connection to stock cats).

The APS High Output system is engineered as a complete system including every nut, bolt and gasket required for installation.

As with all APS exhaust systems, the Z's High Output Exhaust System components are manufactured precisely in sturdy jigs to ensure that the position and orientation of each and every flange, mount point, sensor boss - and indeed all dimensional aspects of the test pipes meet APS's exacting requirements.

Click here for a short video of the APS Twin Turbo High Output System during a quick run on the dyno - through the APS exhaust system.
Click here for a short video of the APS Twin Turbo High Output System during a quick run on the dyno - through the APS exhaust system (NOTE TEST PIPES INSTALLED).

Turn the sound up for this one!

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