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APS twin turbo 350Z


APS Twin Turbo 350Z
When I think of what the ultimate daily driver is - in my books- it's very to the point. It would have to be a machine that you can drive hard when warranted but also comfortable enough to venture out on a long drive without the bumps and rattles of yesteryear. David Chambers has come about as close as possible to that mark without sacrificing a thing.

David's reasoning behind the Zed is simple: A man with an affection for Porsches and the like, David was after something that oozed a similar road presence - the Nissan being the ultimate choice. David explains, "It was time to down-size from the Clubsport, as I had no need for five seats anymore after the kids had grown up to buy their own cars. I looked at performance cars like the GT-Rand Supra, but instead decided that I didn't want the attention of the law enforcement these cars attracted. Plus, I decided I'd like something like a German sports car but without the high costs,"


Looking at his options, David felt the APS upgrade best suited his requirements. The APS package is not simply a custom turbo installation. APS has invested heavily into its research and development so, like previous APS kits, the 350Z twin turbo upgrade is completely street legal - something that David felt was important. All parts of the kit have been developed to ADR specifications, with every owner receiving an engineer's certificate. Because of this, the only way David could have the kit fitted legally was to have it installed by APS themselves.