Infiniti G35 Performance APS Intercooled Single Turbo High Output System



Infiniti G35 - APS Intercooled Single Turbo

The Infiniti G35 ignited the passion of performance enthusiasts who desired high performance in a luxury sports touring vehicle. With similar engine and drivetrain to the Nissan 350Z, the Infiniti refines the Z's raw edge and adds a new dimension to the sports touring concept.

And now, the perfect partnership has been formed in order to take the Infiniti G35 to a performance level that will have thoroughbred supercars running scared. Drawing on over 20 years of turbocharging, supercharging, intercooling and engine management system design and production knowledge, APS has created the ultimate High Output Single Turbo System for the G35's 3.5L engine.

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APS recognises that some G35 performance enthusiasts demand alternatives to low cost centrifugal superchargers but are reluctant to move to the price bracket of twin turbocharged systems. The perfect solution is the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system. With huge outright horsepower and significantly higher torque in the low to mid engine RPM range than centrifugal superchargers, the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system delivers far greater engine performance at a comparable price point.

Utilizing the latest in water cooled twin ball bearing Garrett turbocharger technology - mounted low and mean in the G35, APS ensures that the greatest amount of exhaust gas energy is available to the turbocharger for crisp turbocharger response and high power and torque. This solves the turbocharger lag problems associated with systems that situate the turbocharger inside the Infiniti's engine bay. In addition, high engine bay temperatures (which is of great concern in high performance vehicles) are alleviated by the APS turbo system design.

Testament to the turbocharger specification and tubing configuration is the absolutely outstanding boost response of the APS Intercooled Single Turbo System. With positive manifold pressure just above idle speed and full steady state turbocharger boost pressure by 2,500 RPM, the APS system makes for an awesome drive with strong low and mid RPM torque - and of course wild top end horsepower. After all, nobody likes to wait.

Drawing on the technology utilized in the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system, APS has designed and manufactured a custom configured, vertical flow high efficiency intercooler utilizing custom designed light weight cast aluminium end tanks. Extremely high flow rates and massive temperature reduction - a level of performance that other manufacturers can only aspire to achieve.

With a huge 25” x 9” x 3.5” core, at 650 hp flywheel, the pressure drop is less than 1.0 psi. At the same turbocharger flow conditions, the intercooler outlet temperature is less than 15°F higher than ambient, at any vehicle speed over 50mph. Truly outstanding results at such a huge horsepower level. So just like the APS turbochargers, the APS intercooler has massive additional headroom available.

Vertical flow inside the APS intercooler is by far the optimum configuration given the space considerations that must be accounted for in the front of the vehicle. This solves the huge air flow restriction problems that horizontal flow cores experience particularly at high power levels.s 90 degrees twice on entry and again twice on exit. In addition, both turns must take place inside the height of the end tank.

Importantly, the APS intercooler uses the latest in Bar and Plate core technology, not low cost off the shelf tube and fin. Other than the fact that the APS intercooler core boasts the highest flow and greatest temperature reduction, the bar and plate construction results in an inherently strong intercooler core of high thermal inertia. The advantage here for the performance street car and drag race enthusiast is that with the core's high thermal inertia, massive reserves of cooling capacity are available in situations where ambient air flow over the core is low. So, after a power run to heat tyres prior to staging for a quarter mile pass, there is plenty of intercooler capacity to launch with full power at your disposal - rather than forsaking power with a tube and fin construction core that becomes heat soaked during the initial burst.

Unlike other systems that require cutting or removal of structural components at the front of the vehicle, APS has designed the G35 FMIC as a truly bolt-on unit that not only maintains the structural integrity of the vehicle, but also delivers outstanding intercooler performance.

Best of all, the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system comes complete with a comprehensive full return, constant differential fuel system and large drop in injectors, high volume externally finned oil pan that employs extensive internal baffles right through to the awesome APS dual vent blow off valve.

APS has cleverly designed the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system for the Infiniti G35 around the APS system to suit the Nissan 350Z - to ensure commonality of parts where possible - but with the important addition of a Supplementary Fitting Kit to address the unique requirements of the Infiniti. This delivers the most cost effective solution for the Infiniti G35 owner and broadens the market to cover both G35 and 350Z owners when the time comes to sell the G35 and return it back to stock specification.

The APS Intercooled Single Turbo system for the Infiniti G35 is by far the most extensively engineered, complete and comprehensive single turbo system on the market.

Right from the latest technology water cooled dual ball bearing turbocharger and huge vertical flow bar and plate intercooler, through to the APS High Volume oil pan, innovative exhaust tubing, full return constant differential pressure fuel system and APS dual vent blow off valve - The ultimate single turbocharger system for the Infiniti G35

NOTE Auto Transmission Applicability Reference

  1. Physically fits
  2. Requires torque capacity upgrade by trans specialist

Dynamometer Testing
The dyno graph above demonstrates the power the wheels of the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system (with the APS exhaust system) fitted to the Infiniti G35.


APS Intercooled Single Turbo System
The APS Intercooled Single Turbo System includes the following major product groups.
APS Intercooled Single Turbo System major product groups
Turbochargers Exhaust Components
State of the art, extreme efficiency, super compact, Garrett twin ball bearing turbocharger with a custom APS aerodynamic configuration

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APS High Energy Turbine Outlet, huge 3.5" pipe and transition piece to fit stock exhaust.

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Intercooler Engine Management
Massive APS DR Series Bar & Plate Front Mount Intercooler with unique cast alloy end tanks

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APS custom mapped Plug-In engine management computer for optimum engine tune/power

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Engine Management Fuel System
Huge cast alloy high capacity engine oil pan with oil return ports

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P/N APS350Z-HVO/01

APS High Output Injectors with upgraded fuel supply. Includes a plug-in replacement loom - no cutting and soldering!

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Air Intake APS Blow Off Valve
High Flow Cold Air Intake System

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APS High Volume Twin Vent Blow Off Valve

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Supplementary Fitting Kit
Infiniti G35 Supplementary Fitting

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