APS twin turbo 350Z


APS Twin Turbo 350Z
Since its inception over two years ago, the Nissan 350Z has gained tremendous aftermarket support and with due cause. Unlike its boosted older brother, the 300ZX, the 350Z was delivered to our shores with a naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 engine. And despite having an acceptable 276hp output, the allure of twin turbochargers inhaling mass volumes of air and making explosive power has become quite appealing to many350Zowners.

Many companies have addressed the need for forced induction and Z owners have a wide variety of choices out on the market. The gentlemen from the land down under, Air Power Systems of Australia (APS) have set the standard with Their 350Z Twin Turbo Kit. APS has long been a major player in the WRX circle and they have jumped into the 350Z world with the most comprehensive twin turbo kit on the market.

We here at Z1 Motorsports chose the APS kit because it addresses all of the problems with other 350Z turbo kits and it was specifically designed and manufactured around the Nissan 350Z. The turbos are internally-wastegated Garrett GTs, each capable of producing 400 horsepower.

The intercooler is a bar and plate design that specifically fits in conjunction with the front bumper support brace. The fuel system upgrade supplied by APS consists of an upgraded high flow fuel pump and custom fuel pressure regulator and is similar to that which many enthusiasts have had to piece together on their own when trying to increase the boost on other twin turbo kits. The exhaust manifolds are cast log style that will outlast tubular units and APS uses a custom tuned Uni-chip to handle the timing and air/fuel adjustments while leaving the stock ECU to handle the rest of the vehicle's functions. Finally, the APS system comes with exhaustive installation instructions and visual diagrams to ensure that the installer has all the needed information on hand for a clean worry-free install.