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APS Tall-Boy Balanced Distribution Inlet Plenum



APS Tall-Boy Balanced Distribution Inlet Plenum

At high engine horsepower levels the stock inlet plenum not only becomes restrictive, but more importantly the air distribution across cylinders becomes uneven and results in a variation in air/fuel mixtures from cylinder to cylinder.

To solve these issues, APS has developed what is arguably the ultimate inlet plenum for the 350Z in high horsepower naturally aspirated and forced induction applications. Benefitting not only from a greater internal volume, but more importantly, designed specifically for evenly balanced air flow at high air mass-flow rates.

With a clear an uncluttered path, the APS plenum eliminates much of the energy lost through "turning" the air into each intake runner over such a small volume and obstacle course as found in the stock plenum at.

In day to day driving conditions, the APS Tall Boy plenum delivers crisp throttle response and higher torque - resulting in an even more enjoyable drive. And the higher the horsepower, the wilder the ride!

Cast in light weight alloy and then NC precision machined, the APS plenum pumps-up the internal plenum volume and delivers the optimum distribution of air to each inlet trumpet.

With dead true NC machined mating faces, the APS Tall-Boy is a direct bolt-on replacement of the stock plenum and utilizes the stock gasket. All ancillary hardware for easy installation (in under an hour) is included.

Power through precision is a frequently heard motto at APS - and the Tall-Boy plenum is a perfect example.

NOTE: High Rise strut brace required for clearance above APS Tall-Boy plenum.

Underside view looking down into the plenum inlet.

Available June 2005

Tall Boy Inlet Plenum
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