Nissan 350Z Performance
High Energy Exhaust



APS High Energy Exhaust

The lowest possible total exhaust back pressure after the turbocharger is vital, not only for turbocharger response and engine performance, but more importantly it lowers the thermal load on the engine - particularly at high power levels.

APS has designed the ultimate turbocharger down pipe - crafted from 304 Stainless Steel with internally divorced wastegate. In a single large turbocharger application for the 350Z, the divorced wastegate delivers the optimum gas flow after the turbocharger (this is however redundant in the APS twin turbocharger application). In addition, the APS down pipe exit point is a huge 3.5" diameter which is vital for lightning fast and efficient turbocharger operation.

From the down pipe, exhaust gasses flow into the mammoth 3.5" high energy APS exhaust system, crafted in 304 Grade polished Stainless Steel. Precision TIG welded (inside and out) and 4-bolt racing flanges ensure leak-free operation at high power levels.

By utilizing 3.5" tube diameter, APS has achieved the best flow possible from the larger APS single turbocharger. Optimum exhaust gas flow was fundamental in the design specification of the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system and as such, it precluded the placement of the turbocharger inside the engine bay. In engine bay turbocharger applications, the down pipe diameter is mandated by the clearance from the engine assembly to the body. In the case of the 350Z, a 3.5" down pipe was well outside the clearance available so this is one more reason (in addition to the manifold to turbo distance and engine bay heat issues) for low and mean turbo positioning in the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system.

The base APS intercooled single turbo system is delivered with a custom tapered coupling piece to facilitate the connection of the mamouth APS 3.5" down pipe back to the stock exhaust system near the rear cross member. Again constructed using 304 grade stainless steel tubing and flanges - fully welded both inside and out.

The base system is supplied with the APS 3.5" tapered coupling to mount directly to the stock intermediate muffler exhaust tube.

All APS tubing and ducting is precision TIG welded in tight tolerance jigs and fixtures to ensure the highest quality and leak-free assembly on the 350Z.

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