Nissan 350Z Performance
APS Air Cooled Cast Alloy
High Capacity Oil Pan



APS Air Cooled Cast Alloy High Capacity Engine Oil Pan

High engine horsepower demands the very best in lubrication, particulalry when the Z is driven under extreme motorsport conditions such as Autocross, Drag racing and Circuit racing. In that light, APS has developed the ultimate engine oil pan that not only improves engine oil supply to the pick-up, but also increases the engine oil capacity by a huge 1.25 quarts. This alone reduces oil temperature and helps to protect the Z engine.

In addition, the APS oil pan has multiple air fins cast on the external surface of the oil pan to further assist oil cooling under extreme engine operating conditions.

Crafted in cast alloy and then precision machined, the APS engine oil pan has provision for twin oil return lines in turbocharged applications and with additional baffles in the oil pan, oil surge under track/race conditions is reduced significantly.

The APS High Capacity Oil Pan can be installed on normally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged Z engines. Delivered complete with provision for twin oil return lines for turbocharged applications and blank-off plates when normally aspirated and includes detailed installation instructions.

In addition, the oil pick up assembly is relocated 1/2" lower to match the now deeper oil pan floor depth via a precision CNC machined manifold and positively sealed with Viton O-rings. These compnents are included with every APS oil pan.

The APS oil pan is a "must-have" item for every high horsepower Z regardless of whether or not you hit the track.

Looking inside the APS oil pan compared to the stock pan. The APS oil pan employs clever internal baffling to ensure that the oil pickup is immersed in cool, fresh engine oil regardless of the acceleration rates.

The APS oil pan is significantly larger than the stock component. This allows for additional oil capacity and the external finning on the APS pan cools hot engine oil so vital under extreme operating conditions.

The stock oil pick-up slot faces forwards and even with the small baffles towards the rear of the engine, under extreme acceleration rates the potential for oil starvation is increased - due to the oil contained in the oil pan walking up the rear of the pan. The extensive internal baffling inside the APS oil pan in addition to the increased oil capacity addresses this issue to ensure the best possible engine lubrication and engine protection.

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