Subaru WRX Performance 

"Power without compromise, that's what we like to see".  

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1999 - 2000 Model WRX - Australian Specification
We are passionate about high performance for the All Wheel Drive Subaru WRX/STI  Impreza. Drawing on 20 years of turbocharging and intercooler system design and production knowledge, our mission is to produce the very best high performance systems and components to significantly enhance WRX/STI engine power.  

Whether it be riding a tidal wave of torque with a complete, engineered power-up package, or individual components, we have the products and expertise you need to significantly enhance your WRX/STI. 

You can rely on every APS component to be innovative in design, engineered to exacting standards and race proven to ensure absolute reliability. 

Come and see what we can do for your WRX.
Individual Components
AIR INTAKE Systems & Components
High Flow Cold Air Intake System
INTERCOOLER Systems & Components
Front Mount Intercooler System
Dual Entry Intercooler System

High Pressure Intercooler Silicon Duct
EXHAUST Systems & Components
Turbo to Tip Systems
Unichip Programmable  
Engine Control Unit

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Unichip boost mapping
TURBOCHARGER Systems & Components
SR Series Ball Bearing Turbochargers
aps turbo
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P/N 990-060-300
APS SR30 Series Ball Bearing Turbo aps turbo
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P/N 990-060-425
APS SR40 Series Ball Bearing Turbo
aps turbo
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P/N 990-060-650
APS SR56 Series Ball Bearing Turbo
SS Series Sleeve Bearing Turbochargers

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P/N 990-060-475
APS SS45 Series Sleeve Bearing Turbo
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P/N 990-060-460
APS SS42 Series Sleeve Bearing Turbo
FMIC High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve TMIC High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve

Video footage of a lap around Calder and Sandown Raceway in the 540 hp Blue APS MY99
Click here to see what we've been up to on the race track
Including in car video from Sandown Raceway