Company Profile

The APS range of products represents the best in innovative automotive performance engineering.  

APS have over twenty years experience in designing and manufacturing turbocharger and intercooler systems combined with an extensive background in EFI engine management systems for select 4X4 and performance passenger cars.  

Each product release is the result of a comprehensive research and development program designed to produce a totally engineered performance package.  

APS' signature lies in the quality and durability of its components, the attention to detail in every system and the absolute standard that "performance must always be reliably achieved".  

APS products are professionally packaged, backed by a 3 month conditional warranty against manufacturing defect and available worldwide from specialist automotive businesses.  

Trade enquiries are always welcome.

APS Automotive Pty Ltd
73 Merrindale Drive, South Croydon VIC 3136 Australia. 

Phone +61 3 9761 7244 Fax +61 3 9761 7665