APS Intercooled Twin Turbo
Extreme Duty Engine Oil Cooling System



APS Extreme Duty Engine Oil Cooling System

The comprehensive APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system for the C6 Z06 is delivered complete with a highly effective engine oil cooling system that significantly lowers engine oil temperatures during the most arduous high load driving conditions. It is an unavoidable fact that high engine horsepower results in a greater load upon the engine lubricating oil and at the huge power potential of the APS intercooled twin turbo system - particularly on built LS7 engines, APS has stepped up to the plate to address any potential engine oil temperature issues.

There's little doubt that the best in forced induction performance deserves the best protection possible from high engine oil temperatures - particularly under sustained high speed conditions.

An extreme duty oil cooling core with slim-line end tanks has huge flow and cooling capacity and is strategically placed between the two APS intercoolers for maximum fresh air flow. In addition, a comprehensive air deflector system is engineered to channel the highest volumetric flow rate of fresh cooling air possible through the oil cooler and intercooler assemblies - and of course through the stock radiator and AC cores.

Tough and durable custom APS teflon lined and stainless steel braided oil lines, complete with bullet-proof banjo connections transfer oil to and from the APS engine oil cooler. In fact each and every component included in the APS engine oil cooling system - and indeed the entire APS intercooled twin turbo system is engineered tough - to support the huge horsepower potential delivered by APS for the C6 Z06 Corvette.

Understandably, in high ambient temperature conditions, a larger and more effective cooling system radiator may be required for even greater engine protection.