APS Intercooled Twin Turbo
Remote Wastegates



APS Remote Wastegates

The huge APS custom GT3582R turbochargers specified in the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system for the C6 Z06 deliver huge mass of charge air to the LS7 engine and this in turn demands that the wastegate system is matched precisely in order to deliver the optimum level of boost performance.

Through clever exhaust and wastegate system design, APS has shoehorned a pair of huge 44mm TIAL external wastegates within the tight confines of the C6 Z06 to deliver the ultimate in wastegate performance for extreme horsepower applications.

A wastegate is a specialist valve that diverts exhaust gases away from the turbine when a boost pressure limit is reached. The diverted exhaust gas is dumped straight into the exhaust pipe downstream of the turbocharger.

The APS external wastegates deliver a dedicated path for the diverted exhaust gas to bypass the turbocharger's turbine, hence creating the physical basis for a highly responsive and extremely stable boost management strategy that is designed to bypass massive amounts of exhaust gas from each turbocharger.

A great degree of flexibility is also offered with this wastegate configuration. With a simple change of the wastegate spring specification, a variety of boost pressures can be set - from 5 psi all the way through to over 20 psi.

The huge 44mm TIAL wastegates are cleverly packaged so as to take complete advantage of the tight space available under the floorpan. The wastegate configuration also delivers excellent exhaust gas flow from the turbocharger's turbine regardless of whether the wastegates are open or shut.

Like all APS precision crafted components, the stainless steel wastegate pipework is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances in all three dimensions to ensure that installation is as straightforward as possible and that fit and finish is second to none.