APS Extreme Performance Full Return Fuel System



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APS Extreme Performance Full Return Fuel System

Traditional methods of boosting the fuel flow capacity on the C6 Corvette have been quite straight forward and highly successful up to a point. When, however the engine performance envelope is pushed beyond approximately 600 whp, the C6 fuel system requires substantial upgrading in order to support the desired engine horsepower levels.

For ultra high horsepower applications, APS has developed a thoroughly engineered Extreme Performance Full Return fuel system that is not only very comprehensive, but also highly cost effective and relatively easy to install.

Designed to operate with high power turbocharged / supercharged forced induction systems, the heart of the APS Extreme Performance Fuel System is the replacement drop-in surge tank/fuel pump assembly that incorporates twin high volume fuel pumps, return circuit and provision for the stock fuel sender assembly.

Precision construction in stainless steel ensures that the APS drop-in pump assembly delivers bullet-proof reliability and a fume tight seal for total peace of mind.

Each of the twin high volume fuel pumps located inside the APS drop-in surge tank is connected to specialist nylon convoluted in-tank fuel transfer tubes that deliver outstanding durability in high fuel pressure/submerged applications - in addition to bullet-proof connection reliability and the best possible pump-to-top vibration isolation.

By mating each fuel pump with its own individual Teflon lined stainless steel braided fuel line to the engine bay, the maximum flow rate possible is achieved in order to consistently deliver very high fuel flow for high horsepower.

With twin fuel supply lines to the engine bay, each fuel line feeds its own billet aluminium fuel rail, thus eliminating any fuel flow restriction that would have been caused at such high horsepower levels if a single shared fuel supply line was run.

In order to deliver rock constant and steady fuel pressure at ultra high horsepower levels, a high precision extreme performance fuel pressure regulator is specified. In addition, the fuel pressure regulator has built-in support for boost referencing - which means that the fuel pressure differential across each injector face remains constant regardless of the operational boost pressure level. In other words, consistent fuel pressure is achieved whether decelerating (vacuum), cruise conditions (low boost pressure) right through to very high boost pressure levels commonly experienced at extreme power levels.

Boost pressure referenced fuel pressure also ensures that the fuel injectors (note: fuel injectors are not included) operate to their full potential to deliver and sustain 1,000 horsepower of fuel the engine.

In addition, the two fuel rail assemblies incorporate a fuel pressure balance line to deliver perfectly balanced cylinder bank to cylinder bank fuel system performance.

Being a full return fuel system, the APS Extreme Performance fuel system is engineered to return fuel to the APS drop-in surge tank via the stock fuel supply line (the stock fuel supply line now operates as the return fuel line). This takes advantage of the robust single fuel line configuration that has more than sufficient capacity under its new role as a fuel return line.

Each high capacity fuel pump is powered directly through a dedicated custom fuel pump power wiring loom that is supplied with the APS fuel system. This wiring loom is connected via a relay to a high capacity 12V power source. This ensures that the fuel pumps operate at the their absolute optimum and that there is no additional electrical load upon the stock fuel pump electrical circuit.

Direct wired for continuous full battery fuel pump power.

In addition, highly robust Teflon lined stainless steel braided fuel lines that are spiral wrapped are included with the APS Extreme Performance fuel system for straight forward installation and years of hassle-free high performance motoring.

The APS Extreme Performance Full Return fuel system delivers a huge volume of fuel at a rock steady fuel pressure that is balanced and boost referenced for the ultimate in fuel system performance on extreme horsepower GM LS2 engines.

The APS Extreme Performance fuel system is supplied complete with every nut, bolt, clamp and bracket required for easy installation - simply install your favorite injectors and power away.

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