APS Intercooled Twin Turbo
Ducting and Hoses



APS Ducting and Hoses

Transporting air from the air cleaners, to turbochargers and then to intercoolers and finally to the engine is certainly more demanding than simply routing pipes and hoses around the vehicle. In addition, the design has a huge impact upon engine power and torque delivery.

APS has thoroughly analyzed the entire air handling requirements of the entire turbocharger system and engine combination - and engineered what is arguably the ultimate air ducting solution for the C6.

Twin air filters feed air to each turbocharger via highly durable hoses and precision TIG welded Stainless Steel ducts. Once the air is compressed by the turbochargers, the charge air is routed to each intercooler via custom reinforced high temperature/high durability silicon hoses.

A truly balanced solution is implemented in the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system. The total ducting/hose path length and effective bend radii of the left hand side turbocharger is precisely matched to that of the right hand side turbocharger. This ensures that both turbochargers operate in harmony throughout the entire engine RPM range - regardless of the throttle position and turbocharger boost pressure. The result is silky smooth operation in day to day driving conditions, but with fantastic outright power and torque.

Each ducting or hose component is chosen to suit the operating conditions and physical location of that component. Tough stainless steel ducts in areas that demand the strength and durability of steel and reinforced silicon ducts that deliver high durability and high flexibility for charge air through complex routes.

The end result is the optimum ducting for awesome twin turbocharged power.