Corvette Performance



C6 Corvette - Engine Management

APS delivers thoroughly engineered and tested engine management program data on CD that is downloaded into the stock Engine Control Unit (ECU). The APS data is based upon 93 Octane fuel (93 (M+R)/2 Octane) in an otherwise stock LS2 engine C6 Corvette.

The stock ECU is reflashed with APS data using the popular HP Tuners software. The reflash can be performed by any tuner of your choice with HP Tuners software. (Note that APS does not supply HP Tuners software and it is not included in the APS engine management CD).

Alternatively, there are a number of other options that are available to tune Turbocharged Corvettes. This offers the distinct advantage of allowing your favourite tuner to utilize the tuning method he is most comfortable with - and to tune for additional modifications such as performance camshaft, high flow exhaust, high performance heads etc.

Ultimately, by providing tuning data for HP Tuners software, APS delivers the highest cost/benefit to the Corvette performance enthusiast along with great convenience.