Falcon XR6 Turbo
Cold Air Intake Duct 

"Power without compromise" 

APS Cold Air Intake
High horsepower levels demand high air flow. The APS High Flow Cold Air Intake duct significantly increases the flowrate capacity of the XR6 Turbo air cleaner for maximum engine performance.

The APS cold air intake complements the standard air cleaner assembly by sourcing cold air from underneath the headlight. Precicely cast in aluminium to take full advantage of the intricate shape between the headlight and air cleaner assembly, the APS smooth bore cold air intake ensures maximum air flow for high engine horsepower.

Unlike ram pods which source hot air from under the bonnet, the APS high flow cold air intake system consistently delivers a huge volume of air at the lowest possible temperature. This ensures that the engine's temperature compensation system operates at the optimum level to generate maximum torque and power across the entire RPM range.

Stealth by design, premium quality, maximum performance and easy to install

The APS Trademark!

The APS Cold Air Intake Development

After testing the stock Ford air cleaner at the 240kW level, we at APS were impressed with the air flow provided by the Ford OEM air cleaner.

With the objective being to extract an additional 90 kws from the well engineered XR6 T, enhancement of air flow was considered mandatory.

After measuring the restriction of the stock air cleaner with a manometer the decision was made to redesign the air inlet to the stock air cleaner.

The APS cold air intake is designed to take full advantage of the maximum space available behind and below the headlight, where there is a large supply of clean cold air, which enhances turbo charger operation and more complete combustion of air and fuel.

The cold air intake is cast in aluminum due to the irregular shape and size and is the finishing touch to the APS Phase II System.