Falcon XR6 Turbo
High Flow Air Intake System

"Power without compromise" 

APS High Flow Air Intake System
High horsepower levels demand high air flow. The APS High Flow Air Intake System significantly increases the flowrate capacity of the XR6 Turbo for maximum engine performance.

In order to deliver the maximum amount of cool air directly to the turbocharger, APS has manufactured the ultimate XR6 Turbo air cleaner assembly. By relocating the battery to the passenger side, a large area of under bonnet space is made available only a short distance away from the turbocharger entry. The APS High Flow Air Intake System takes full advantage of this large space and a completely new air box houses a huge high flow air filter element capable of supporting the demanding requirements of 520+ kW engine power.

Air Intake cover installed Air Intake cover removed to show air cleaner assembly.

The APS air box is precicely manufactured and professionally finished to take full advantage of the intricate under bonnet shape and iscolate the intake air from high under bonnet temperatures.

Unlike ram pods which source hot air from under the bonnet, the APS high flow air intake system consistently delivers a huge volume of air at the lowest possible temperature directly into the turbocharger. This ensures that the engine's temperature compensation system operates at the optimum level to generate maximum torque and power across the entire RPM range.