307 kph - Australia's fastest XR6 Turbo 

"Power without compromise" 

307 kph - Australia's fastest XR6 Turbo
The release of the Falcon XR6 Turbo not only rekindled Ford Performance enthusiasts passions for quick acceleration, but also laid the seeds to create a true high speed rocket. All that was needed was APS to make it happen!

The day dawned bright and sunny, and as the collection of exotic fast cars gathered at Avalon Airfield, all hopes were pinned on cars such as the magnificent Lamborgini, Porsches, BMWs etc to post some of the fastest speeds ever seen from production cars. In fact, the Falcon looked out of place amongst such exotic company.

Little did the assembled crowd of speed junkies know that APS, with the stock body PHASE III enhanced Falcon XR6 Turbo would post such a fast speed - in addition to taking out the honours of becoming the fastest 4 door sedan in Australia.

307 kph!!! came the cry from the speed radar technicians over the 2-way radios. So dramatic was the crowd's reaction that further testing was temporarily halted - and even the fire/safety marshalls came in for a good look at the unassuming Falcon.

Click Here for a short video of the APS PHASE III enhanced Falcon at speed. Things happen quickly at 300+ kph, so please excuse the quality.... HINT: shift-click to save file to your hard disk.

Some scenes from the day..........

Peter Luxon describing the size of "manhood" required to steer a stock bodied Falcon at over 300 kph. Peter Dashiera (Corsa Special Vehicles) and Rob (APS) weren't going to argue.

Take no prisoners has always been a favourite line at APS - as Peter Dashiera (CSV) was about to discover.

Click Here for a short video of what happens when, during a photo shoot, the photographer asks if the driver can "just turn the wheels a bit....." HINT: shift-click and save the video file to your hard disk.