Holden Ford Show


"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

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Brisbane Holden Ford Show
The 2004 Holden Ford show in Brisbane proved to be a great event for the Ford enthusiast. With many quality Ford displays, there was plenty to keep everyone wide-eyed and excited.

APS was there of course with a number of display vehicles including the magnificent APS Mercury Silver XR6T Sedan. The APS XR6T again proved it was the most powerful XR6T in the country - by a wide margin.

To those who dropped by the APS stand, thanks! We enjoyed meeting up with each and every one of you!

The APS and CnJ Motorsport stand

Lots of APS goodies on display

More APS components including the Unichip - that drives Australia's fastest and quickest XR6T, along with the quickest naturally aspirated BA XR8 and LS1 Commodore.

Bob Romano Performance Motors, a long time APS dealer were there in force as well with a host of APS equipment on display along with impressive dyno results

Horsepower Heros

The Horsepower Heros dyno competition always attracts strong crowds. And for good reason too!

Strapping the APS XR6T down took a fair deal of effort because with so much power and torque on tap, eliminating wheel spin was a constant battle

Tightening down even more.....

Impressive results from the APS XR6T PHASE III (and a bit) against what was expected to be stiff competition. At 552.7 horsepower at the treads, the APS XR6T was by far the most powerful XR6T at the show (by over 70 horsepower)!

One of the final runs produced a huge 572.3 hp!