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APS Falcon Phase III XR6T – A factory four-door that tops 300km/h is a special thing. Want one?

The APS Phase III XR6 Turbo is at Avalon Airport, near Melbourne, to crack 300 kilometres an hour. And it isn’t about to disappoint.

All eyes are on the silver BA Falcon as it streaks across three kilometres of runway, vapour streaming from the bodywork, a shrill turbo whistle piercing the air. The XR6T is visibly faster than any of the mega-dollar exotics competing that day in MOTOR’s PCOTY testing, including the Lamborghini Gallardo.

A puff of dust explodes from the front wheels as the driver steps hard on the brakes. There is a tense 30 seconds before a crackling radio announcement from the radar operators: “Mate, we can’t believe it. Three zero seven. Repeat, three zero seven kilometres per hour.”

That’s an achievement for any specialist exotic, but for a four-door Aussie sedan, it’s incredible – clearly the fastest in the nation.

While others pick their jaws up off the ground, Peter Luxon and his crew from APS look calm. No doubt they are ecstatic, but they had made the engineering calculations and it’s only what they expected.

“We did the sums,” says Luxon, “and worked out that with only a minor final drive ratio adjustment and some 18-inch wheels, our production Phase III kit had the power to pull the 5900rpm rev limiter in top gear and push the Falcon body past 300 kays.”

It could have gone faster, he says. The APS Phase III made only the one clean 300km/h-plus run down the strip, due to a top-speed limiter that had been altered but still interfered. “We have never needed to exceed the stock 230km/h XR turbo speed limiter before, so we haven’t put a lot of energy into defeating it,” says Luxon. “Give us another day of development and there won’t be an issue.”

Now to get really spooky. This test car has no factory-special parts. Other than the speed-limiter alteration, the 3.23:1 (XR8) diff ratio, the rear tyres and AP brakes (to keep the tester’s undies clean), it’s the same highly developed performance package anyone can have fitted to a turbo Falcon, and still walk away with change from 10 grand.