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"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

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Horsepower Championships

For the first time since the release of the BA, Falcon enthusiasts were treated to a no-holds barred wrestle by top Ford tuners - to find Australia's most powerful Falcon BA XR6 Turbo. The Holden & Ford Show, recently held in Melbourne, saw APS deliver the highest horsepower ever seen from the XR6 Turbo. With a staggering 511 hp at the wheels and a silky smooth power curve, APS obliterated the field with APS' prototype APS PHASE IV development vehicle.

Independent dynamometer tests were conducted at the show on a number of vehicles - all on the same day, by an independent operator and under identical conditions. What makes APS' achievement even more spectacular is that the huge power figure was achieved using production APS components (including cat-delete pipe for drag race applications) with completely stock standard engine and drivetrain components!

At 511 hp, the APS car was some 70 horsepower at the wheels more powerful than the next best XR6 Turbo!

21/2/03 Albury Show

APS again took out top section honours with the APS PHASE III equipped BA XR6 Turbo Falcon. Using only APS PHASE III components to enhance engine power and tuned to dyno challenge specification, the APS Falcon stormed through with an astounding 488 horsepower at the treads as measured using the industry standard Dyno Dynamics dynamometer in Shoot 6 mode.

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