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Peter Luxon gets the blown XR6 to spill the best part of 300 kW.

Ever experienced one of these freak engines that, although stock, manages to hose anything else of the same make and model? Mass production on any kind of budget sees to it that such freaks of engineering exist as well as the flip-side scenario, the dud.

NOTE: The Unichip on this engineering vehicle was mounted on top of the factory engine control unit for display purposes. Production units are mounted out of sight and are virtually undetectable.

The root cause of such variation is production tolerances; the small differences between apparently identical parts which, if the cards fall your way, can lead to an engine that is, in the vernacular of today’s yoof, sweet. Or sick. Or fully sick. Or something.

Anyway, as well as furthering the cause of linguists, these tolerances also give engine blueprinters something to do between nine and five. The basic premise is that by optimizing all the bits and pieces, you can wind up with an engine that is slightly more than the sum of its parts. Or sweet, if you will.

And that, in a broad sweep, is what’s going on with this XR6 Turbo.

It was never a question of whether Peter Luxon’s APS operation would warm up a blown BA, just when it would happen.

And now that they have, it’s interesting to note that there have been no wholesale changes to hardware or big lifts in boost pressure, but rather a concentrated effort on making sure everything is optimised.

Yet the results are mind-boggling, with a huge leap in performance that truly speaks for itself and a price tag that will make you wonder if this isn’t in fact, the best power-up for the buck currently available.

When we tell you that the APS XR6 has been blueprinted, we’re not talking in the traditional weight-each-piston, measure-each-conrod sense. Nope, not even the rocker cover has been lifted, the APS team instead concentrating on modifying the engine management to optimise the ignition advance curve, fuel injection and turbo behaviour. The only other fiddle has been to fit a high-flow cat*, but that’s it; no bigger turbo, no bigger intercooler, not even a cold air intake. Hell, it still uses the stock air filter.

* NOTE: Testing of the APS High Flow Cat was for development purposes only. The PHASE I system does not include this component.

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