Falcon XR6 Turbo



"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

Motor Magazine

300 kW - The first phase of Pure Adrenalin.........

Available early April

As one would expect, Australia's foremost exponent of Forced Induction, APS is heavily involved with the improvement of the Falcon XR6-T.

Anyone thinking that simple bolt-ons will do anything for this vehicle without seriously compromising engine durability is making a huge mistake. The manufacturer has gone to truly extra ordinary lengths to prevent aftermarket modifications from altering the power output of this engine.

In order to deliver 300 kW of tyre frying power from the XR6-T engine, APS has addressed the fuel system and engine management issues that have held the engine back from making the power level XR6-T enthusiasts demand.

To begin with, the standard fuel injectors that limit engine power to 280 kW are replaced in the PHASE I High Output System with High Performance Directional Quad Orifice injectors specifically designed for the XR6-T's multi-valve head in order to deliver a finely controlled fuel spray pattern of sufficient volume. The APS injectors are ideal for 300 - 330 kW applications.

APS Plug-In adaptor Loom

Sophisticated engine management is the heart of any serious performance system. The APS PHASE I system includes the Unichip computer to precisely control not only the fuel delivery through the massive Directional Quad Orifice APS injectors, but to also fine tune the ignition timing and boost management strategies. The Unichip computer is custom tuned in real time to deliver the optimum EFI strategy for the exact requirements of the engine in each XR6-T. In addition, the Unichip is supplied complete with the APS plug-in adaptor loom so that installation becomes a breeze (no cutting and splicing into the standard ECU wiring loom) - and removal is easy when the vehicle is sold, thus returning the engine management to standard condition.

The combination of efficient fuel injection and precisely configured engine management optimization with the Unichip control unit lifts the power output from 240 kW to an impressive 300 kW.

The Unichip computer works in perfect harmony with the standard engine management system and delivers full optimisation of the air fuel ratio, ignition timing and boost maps to achieve an outstanding improvement in power - along with an significant improvement in throttle response and low to mid RPM torque.

Along with the APS plug-in loom adaptor, the Unichip is supplied with a generous wiring loom that visually matches the stock ECU wiring looms. This allows for the Unichip computer to be installed out of sight inside the vehicle cabin.

NOTES - Issues worthy of consideration

If used with the standard Ford exhaust system, the exhaust back pressure at the 300 kW power level may result in an intermittent engine miss under high RPM/load conditions. This vaires from vehicle to vehicle due to production tolerances in valve spring pressure.

APS recomends that improved valve springs are fitted. Talk to your local authorised APS dealer for assistance.