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The second phase of Pure Adrenalin........
The Ford XR6 Turbo has a high tech multi valve engine which produces respectable power and torque with clean engine emissions. To enhance this engine to 330 kws was always going to take a committed effort combined with cleaver engineering approach to produce a very fast emission and noise legal vehicle.

From day one APS was committed to engineer a high quality 330kw system which could easily pass the Australian design rule ADR 79/00 engine emission test, yet still be capable of running a high 12 second quarter mile pass, yet be user friendly and extremely drivable in every day bumper to bumper traffic.

The Phase II system will prove to be one of the best developments ever undertaken by APS, and certainly one which we are proud to bare our name.

Peter Luxon

Smart Power, that's what the APS PHASE II High Output System is all about. By adopting a total system approach APS delivers a phenomenal 330 kW utilizing relatively conservative turbo pressure levels of 10 - 12 psi across the RPM range (custom mapping which is included with the APS PAHSE II system determines final boost pressure) - and consequently lower thermal and mechanical engine loads than others who use high risk strategies to achieve a similar quoted power result.

PHASE II smart power also means improved throttle response and great day to day drivability. Along with crisp turbocharger response, a tidal wave of torque and tyre frying horsepower, the APS PHASE II High Output System delivers relaxed cruising, excellent fuel economy and a huge shot of adrenalin every time you lean on the throttle.

By adopting a totally engineered system approach, APS High Output systems are configured as a comprehensive group of products working in harmony to collectively unleash adrenalin pumping performance.

When you consider the craftsmanship in the 304 stainless steel Tig welded exhaust, the highly specified fuel system, technical sophistication of the Unichip computer, and the precision of the cold air intake we are sure you will appreciate and enjoy the high level of APS engineering for many years to come.

The Dyno Dynamics graphs above demonstrate power and torque at the wheels on a manual Falcon XR6 Turbo fitted with the APS PHASE II High Output System.All dynamometer tests were conducted in 4th gear utilizing the trusted Dyno Dynamics Shootout mode software. This is the respected industry standard as used in Summer Nats Horsepower Hero competitions.

Tests were conducted using Shell Optimax 98 RON fuel. Lower Octane fuel will result in lesser power levels and is therefore not recommended for use with the APS PHASE II High Output System.

Update: We have now tested many Falcon XR6 Turbo vehicles and have found that power figures vary by up to15% from vehicle to vehicle. Consequently, power figures obtained with engine enhancements may also vary accordingly.

APS PHASE II System - noise and emissions legal.
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APS PHASE II High Output System includes

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APS Cold Air Intake System Direct Plug In Unichip Programmable Engine Control Unit
APS DR Series High Output Exhaust System APS High Flow Stainless Steel Monolith Catalytic Convertor
FUEL System
High Volume Fuel Injectors

C&V Performance, one of Sydney's leading Falcon XR6 Turbo specialists unleashed the APS PHASE II System on an otherwise stock XR6 Turbo equipped with an automatic transmission and street tyres. The result? An outstanding 12.8 second pass at 111.6 mph (178.6 kph).

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APS PHASE II Review by MOTOR Feb 2004