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"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

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APS has for many months now been actively designing and testing a number of extreme performance systems to significantly enhance the engine performance of the Falcon BA XR6 Turbo. Due to the high level of interest in the APS systems for this vehicle - and in particular the high end specification PHASE IV, APS is proud to provide an indication of the exiting times ahead!

Whilst the final production specification of the APS PHASE IV High Output System is not yet ready for public announcement, the results from APS in-house development vehicles running PHASE IV over the past 6 months has been outstanding.

Production power and torque specifications have not yet been finalized and given that the engine and drivetrain proves to be reasonably reliable, the following chart is an indication of the potential in store for the true XR6 Turbo performance enthusiast.

In its first real public showing at the Melbourne Holden vs Ford Show, the APS PHASE IV system was installed in the very same APS XR6T used for the record breaking 307 kph top speed run - complete with standard drivetrain (T5 Manual with upgraded clutch assembly and standard final drive). Once up on the dyno at the show, the APS PHASE IV crushed the competition with an outstanding 557 horsepower at the wheels. In fact with the great interest in the car from the public and show officials alike, the APS PHASE IV XR6T was run many times per day over the weekend, backing up the huge power numbers each and every time. The graph below demonstrates the power achieved at the wheels.

But best of all, awesome power with impeccable driveability and silky smooth highway cruise is yours for the taking.

The above dyno graph demonstrates the power at the wheels using the most current (20/11/04) Dyno Dynamics Shootout mode from the Melbourne Holden Ford Show.

Please revisit our web site soon for further APS Performance Products and comprehensive High Output Systems to suit your BA XR6 Turbo.

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