FPV Tyhpoon F6
PHASE II Performance



"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

Motor Magazine

F6 Typhoon

Tyre Fryer, there's no better description for the PHASE II enhanced Typhoon. Already acclaimed as a torque monster in standard tune, APS raises the bar yet again by significantly improving the power and torque of the Typhoon to levels that put it squarely into the super car league.

And best of all, the PHASE II Typhoon is silky smooth at part throttle, crisp and responsive and with a superb exhaust note under high load condition but quiet at cruise.

As one would expect, Australia's foremost exponent of Forced Induction, APS is heavily involved with the improvement of the Falcon Typhoon F6. By adopting a totally engineered system approach, APS High Output systems are configured as a comprehensive group of products working in harmony to collectively unleash adrenalin pumping performance.

You can rely on every APS product to be innovative in design and precisely engineered to go the distance. Like you, we live and breathe performance - Press the starter button and enjoy the rush!

The above dyno graph compares the power and tractive effort at the wheels of an F6 Typhoon (with 1,100 km on the odometer) in standard tune and with the APS PHASE II High Output System Installed. The tests were conducted on APS trusted dyno using Dyno Dynamics Shootout software. The above Typhoon is running 98 RON fuel.

A truly outstanding improvement on top of the Typhoon's impressive standard torque and power. PHASE II delivers a huge tidal wave of torque that just keeps going all the way to maximum engine RPM. With 50% more power and 35% more torque at the treads, discover the pleasure of pure adrenalin!

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