Falcon XR6 Turbo
Plug In Unichip 



"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

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Plug In UNICHIP Engine Management - Available April 2004
The engine management is the most important component in a high performance car. The best exhaust, large injectors and fuel pump, huge intercooler are virtually useless without control of the fuel system, ignition timing and turbocharger boost pressure.

The Unichip computer is the most advanced interceptor style computers available globally, and manages the air fuel mixtures, ignition timing and boost pressure strategies with precise control. In addition the Unichip can eliminate the fuel/boost cut which becomes a problem when turbocharged boost pressure is lifted approx. 2 PSI above stock boost pressure.

Installation is a breeze with the APS plug-in loom adaptor (no cutting and splicing into the standard ECU wiring loom) - and with a generous wiring loom that visually matches the stock ECU wiring looms, the Unichip computer is installed out of sight inside the vehicle cabin. The Unichip is programmed via laptop computer in real time to ensure the most optimum state of engine time. Because tuning is performed in real time the speed and accuracy of the Unichip tuning is incredibly fast and precise.

A significant benefit is reduced tuning time which results in less cost to the consumer and ultimately much less wear and tear on the engine, drive train and tyres.

The Unichip computer works in perfect harmony with the standard Ford computer, therefore factory cold start, knock sensors air temperature compensation are totally unaffected by the Unichip computer, the engine will start the first time every time and idle in even the coldest of temperatures.

In addition the Unichip computer will incredibly run and map 6 auxiliary injectors, control intercooler water spray functions and provide a second ignition map for race fuel, LPG or NOS applications.

It is certainly a very clever computer that performs many functions better than some of the mega-expensive stand alone computers, without any down side in terms of economy drivability.

The dyno chart above shows before and after power and torque at the wheels on an APS Unichip enhanced Falcon XR6 Turbo fitted with automatic transmission. Whilst the engine performance improvement on a vehicle fitted with a manual transmission is similar, the exact power and torque figures vary from that of an automatic vehicle.

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