"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

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Everyone knows that there's only way to make big power, right? I mean if you want super quick times and respect on the street, then nothing but a bent eight will cut it.

You'll probably start with a Gen 111, Boss, or maybe even a big block. Next will come a stroker kit or maybe a blower and to get it really cranking then you've just got to put it on the gas.

Well if your thinking is along these lines then put down the club, move out of the cave and get into the new millennium, because there's a new world order.

Now don't be worried we're still talking about old fashioned, brain snapping power we all like. But now it's 21st century, environmentally friendly technology, mean, green, and one hundred percent legal.

APS Engineering (APS) run by Peter Luxon, are industry leaders in turbocharger and intercooler systems. Their kits for the BA XR6 Turbo have set the benchmark for performance and compliance while helping to firmly establish the XR6T as the new performance cult car.

It all starts with the 280kW Phase I kit, Phase III rated at 330kW followed, and now they have raised the bar again with Phase III.

Mark Stiegler the owner 100% CYCLES in Melbourne, wanted a Ute that would make an eleven second pass, yet still drive like it just left the factory. So shortly after buying his XR6T, he fitted a Phase II kit, and has now upgraded to the Phase III.

Phase II started with reducing the amount of backpressure of the factory exhaust. APS identified that 80% of it was in the "original Ford cat, so to make it flow better while still meeting ADR, a specially made 3.5-inch catalytic converter was sourced from Germany.

It incorporates a 3.5-inch intermediate, splitting into twin 2.5-inch mandrel bent pipes and finishing with factory style twin outlets, all in polished 304 stainless steel. It dramatically increases flow while meeting ADR79/00 emissions and comes in under the 90db limit.

Past 275kW, the 300cc factory injectors are too small so they're replaced with a set rated at 440cc and a larger supplementary Bosch fuel pump is fitted.

The big Bosch unit is an insurance policy, because the APS experience is that factory fuel pumps will ultimately fail and start to drop pressure and flow which causes the mixtures to get lean and can detonate the engine.

A special cold air inlet is added behind the headlight which doubles the size of the air entry on the air cleaner and a Unichip computer piggybacks the Ford ECU to adjust boost, ignition and fuel.