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"it feels mighty strong, mighty pumped and totally together"

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As one would expect, Australia's foremost exponent of Forced Induction, APS is heavily involved with the improvement of the Falcon XR6-T. With a comprehensive selection of complete, engineered power-up systems from 280 kW to 390 kW, we have the products and expertise you need to significantly enhance your Falcon XR6 Turbo.

Smart Power is what the adrenalin charged APS High Output Systems are all about. By adopting a total system approach APS delivers phenomenal results utilizing relatively conservative turbo pressure levels - and consequently lower thermal and mechanical engine loads than others who use high risk strategies of high turbo pressures to achieve similar power results.

Smart power also means improved throttle response and great day to day drivability. Along with crisp turbocharger response, a tidal wave of torque and tyre frying horsepower, APS High Output Systems deliver relaxed cruising, excellent fuel economy and a huge shot of adrenalin every time you lean on the throttle.

Those who think that simple bolt-ons will do anything for this vehicle without seriously compromising engine durability are making a huge mistake. The manufacturer has gone to truly extra ordinary lengths to prevent aftermarket enhancements from altering the power output of this engine.

Consequently, piece-meal solutions utilizing disparate add-on components are neither appropriate, nor cost effective for the XR6 Turbo performance enthusiast. For example, the logical first step in improving the engine performance is with a Unichip computer. If then a true free flowing exhaust is added, additional equipment must also be installed to ensure safe engine operation. With the combination of APS exhaust and Unichip computer, the standard injectors have insufficient flow capacity to support the resultant power level (over 280 kW). Hence 6 high capacity fuel injectors must be utilized in conjunction with the above mentioned equipment - which not only adds substantial cost when these items are purchased separately, but also creates confusion with our customers who would otherwise unknowingly desire just a free flowing exhaust system.

In summary, the fitment of a true free flowing, low back pressure exhaust system will require additional engine management to overcome the fuel cut which will occur at the resultant higher turbo pressures - in addition larger injectors are required to ensure a precisely calibrated air/fuel ratio across the engine's entire operating range.

APS High Output systems are configured in such a way to deliver to our customers the most powerful and cost effective means of achieving the desired performance level - and to remove any confusion over the correct combination of components that can be safely utilized to achieve outstanding power gains. Simply select the phase of engineered adrenalin you require and take full advantage of our 23 years experience in forced induction design, engineering and production.

By adopting a total engineered system approach, APS High Output systems are configured as a comprehensive group of products working in harmony to collectively unleash adrenalin pumping performance.

You can rely on every APS product to be innovative in design and precisely engineered to go the distance. Like you, we live and breathe performance - turn the key and enjoy the rush!

Come and see what we can do for your Falcon.

  Complete High Output Systems

Engineered Adrenalin - APS High Output Systems
300 kW - High engine performance with stealth.
330 kW - Sensational *street legal performance. Welcome to the 12 second club!
390 kW - When 12's are just not quick enough - *Street Legal!
The Ultimate System for the serious Performance Enthusiast!

APS PHASE II System - noise and emissions legal.

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Individual Components (available separately)

Direct Plug In Unichip Programmable Engine Control Unit
EXHAUST Systems & Components
INTERCOOLER Systems & Components
APS DR Series High Output Exhaust System APS Front Mount Intercooler System

Individual Components (Included in APS PHASE High Output Systems - Not available separately)
AIR INTAKE Systems & Components

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APS Cold Air Intake System
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EXHAUST Systems & Components
INTERCOOLER Systems & Components
APS DR Series High Output Exhaust System APS DR Series Front Mount Intercooler System (Included in PHASE III)
High Volume Fuel Injectors D/R Series Inlet Plenum
High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve Unichip Programmable
Engine Control Unit


APS Blows the competition away with 511 horsepower at the wheels!
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Magazine Reviews
SIX SHOOTER - APS Falcon XR6 Turbo Review by MOTOR June 2003

APS PHASE II Review by MOTOR Feb 2004


A factory four-door that tops 300 km/h is a special thing. Want one?

10.98 sec @ 124.74 mph - Australia's quickest XR6 Turbo
NEWS FLASH: 14/2/04

APS PHASE III Storms into the 10 second 1/4 mile bracket

Today is a very special day for all XR6T enthusiasts, for just an hour or so ago in 30+ C ambient temperature, Vic Elfes in a blood orange XR6T made history by storming down Sydney’s brand new ¼ mile drag strip in an outstanding 10.98 sec @ 124.74 mph. This not only sets the ¼ mile performance benchmark, but also becomes the first XR6T to break into the 10 sec bracket!

Those in Sydney may have heard of Vic as he is the V in C&V Performance. Vic took a bog stock blood orange XR6T, installed an APS PHASE III System, performed the C&V magic to the XR6T’s auto and bolted on a set of small slicks.

Prior to heading off to the track, Con (the C in C&V) calibrated the PHASE III enhanced Falcon to the higher state of tune of 385 kW at the wheels – a great achievement given that the engine was totally stock and that the APS PHASE III components were the only engine performance enhancements – (no NOS or any other mods).

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APS Information Days

APS frequently conducts informative events and shows for a variety of clubs. Below are links to pictures etc. of just some of those events.

fordxr6turbo.com Forum Unichip Information Day - 13th March 2004 - Melbourne

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fordxr6turbo.com Forum Unichip Information Day - 27th March 2004 - Sydney

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Ford & Holden Show - 2004 - Brisbane

Click here for pictures and Horsepower Heroes Dyno Chart - 552.7 Horsepower at the treads!

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Including in car video from Calder & Sandown Raceway

*Engineer's Report required - APS supplies Emissions Report - See below
APS PHASE II System - noise and emissions legal.

Click here for information on keeping your XR6 Turbo road legal