APS Intercooled Twin Turbo Pontiac Firebird / Camaro APSGMF-TTS/02



APS Extreme Performance Intercooled Twin Turbo

Since the release of the mighty Camaro and Pontiac Firebird, the hearts of performance enthusiasts pounded for an engine enhancement system that would not only deliver a tidal wave of torque, but also unleash the true horsepower potential of the LS1 engines found in the 4th Generation F-Body.

APS delivered on that wish with the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system in 2007 and for over a year now, APS enhanced F-Body vehicles thundered down the tracks and highways from coast to coast.

And now APS has raised the bar again. Drawing on 30 years of turbocharging, supercharging, intercooling and engine management system design and production knowledge, APS has created what is arguably the ultimate Extreme Performance System that is designed specifically for big-horsepower built large cube engines.

A straight forward bolt on totally engineered system that utilizes the latest in liquid cooled turbocharger technology and with the industry's largest bar and plate intercooler, APS delivers a system that results in outrageous power and torque right across the entire RPM range.

The highly specialized turbochargers are based upon custom Mitsubishi gasoline spec turbochargers, each with an Inconel turbine wheel, liquid cooled bearing housing (65 lbs per minute mass air flow), APS single entry 1.06 A/R external waste gate port/provision and custom APS designed and manufactured compressor housing. The result is an outstanding 1,000 WHP (Dynojet).

To make the most of the available space and to ensure close coupling of each turbocharger to the APS cast high energy exhaust manifolds, a MSD APS slim-line starter motor is required in addition to the BMR crossmember (Note that the starter motor and crossmember are not included in the APS Extreme Performance Intercooled Twin Turbo system). Close coupling of large capacity turbochargers to their respective exhaust manifolds guarantees the crisp throttle response and the highest horsepower possible.

With APS production components of equal to or higher than factory quality and specification, the look and feel of the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system is one that screams the professionalism that APS High Output Systems are renowned for.

Lift the hood and the engine bay looks neat and purposeful - a quantum leap over any turbocharger or supercharger systems available today - a signature of APS workmanship.

But great looks don't just stop there. At the business end under the engine bay is where all the action is.

Note: Above shown with air cleaner protection panels removed.

High engine bay temperatures have always been the Achilles heel of forced induction engine performance. With each turbocharger tucked up under the chassis, heat is channelled away from the engine compartment for high engine durability and consistently greater engine performance. With the APS stealth Twin Turbo configuration, under bonnet air temperatures are a fraction of traditional turbocharger designs. Let's face it, nobody likes to wait for extended cool down periods, when you can simply turn around and line up for another screaming pass down the quarter mile track.

High engine performance also demands a huge mass flow rate of cool air. With twin cold air intakes, one for each turbocharger, the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system delivers the goods. With a total cold air capacity that far exceeds the demands of this extreme performance system, there's plenty of air flow in reserve for those who wish to make the most of their large capacity 427ci engines.

If the turbocharger can be described as the heart of the system, then the intercooler must surely be the "lungs"!! APS has designed and manufactured a custom configured, vertical flow high efficiency intercooler utilizing custom designed light weight cast aluminium end tanks. Extremely high flow rates and massive charge air temperature reduction - a level of performance that other manufacturers can only aspire to achieve.

With a huge 25" x 9" x 3.5" drag race specification bar and plate intercooler core, the engine breathes chilled charge air for maximum power and the best engine protection possible. So just like the APS turbochargers and twin cold air intakes, the APS intercooler system has massive additional headroom available for even higher power levels.

The true dual entry design of the APS intercooler system allows for the ultimate in true equal length balanced ducting from each turbocharger to the intercooler. This ensures the optimum utilization of the intercooler core by spreading the charge air from each turbocharger evenly across the entire intercooler core - This is efficiency at its best!

APS Intercooled Twin Turbo Tuner System
Turbochargers Intercooler

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Twin, extreme efficiency, super compact, liquid cooled turbochargers with a custom APS aerodynamic configuration Massive APS DR Series Bar & Plate Front Mount Intercooler with unique cast alloy end tanks
Remote Wastegates
Exhaust Manifolds
TWIN Massive external wastegates for fine boost control on high boost - big cube engines. High Energy cast super tough high Silicon/Moly iron and precision machined exhaust manifolds.
Air Intakes
Polished Stainless Steel and TIG welded intake and turbocharger discharge ducting. Twin High Flow Cold Air Intake System

APS Twin Intercooled Twin Turbo System

Optional Products

Fuel Systems

Optional Twin Pump Fuel Supply system. The perfect base to build high power.
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Optional Twin Fuel Rail Fuel Supply System. Combine with APSGMF-FSS/01 for 1000WHP fuel system.
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