APS Fuel System



APSLSX-FSS/04 LS Engine Fuel System
A highly cost effective fuel supply system that is capable of delivering fuel for 540 WHP as provided in a variety of GM vehicles equipped with the LS1/2/6 engine.
  • 98/04 C5 Corvette
  • 98/02 F body
  • 05/On C6 Corvette
  • 04/06 GTO
With over 1000HP of fuel injector flow capacity there is plenty of headroom for those who wish to increase the fuel pump flow capacity in the future.

Indeed, with the addition of a fuel pump voltage booster, 640WHP is well within reach. Beyond that point, one of APS' vehicle specific dual in tank fuel pump systems will be required.

Designed to satisfy the most stringent demands of forced induction addicts, APS fuel systems deliver the highest standards of performance and reliability possible.