APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System



APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System

Traditional methods of boosting the fuel flow capacity on the Pontiac GTO have been quite straight forward and highly successful up to a point. When however, the engine performance envelope is pushed, the GTO fuel system requires substantial upgrading in order to support the desired engine horsepower levels.

For high horsepower applications, APS has developed a thoroughly engineered fuel supply system that is not only very comprehensive, but is also highly cost effective and a straight forward install for GTO performance enthusiasts.

Designed to operate with high power turbocharged / supercharged forced induction systems, the heart of the APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System is the replacement drop-in anti-surge tank/fuel pump assembly that incorporates twin high volume fuel pumps, return circuit and provision for the stock fuel sender assembly.

Precision construction in stainless steel ensures that the APS drop-in pump assembly delivers bullet-proof reliability and a fume tight seal for total peace of mind.

Each of the twin high volume fuel pumps shoehorned inside the APS drop-in anti-surge tank delivers a huge volume of fuel for rock steady fuel pressure at high horsepower levels

The APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System is a very versatile fuel supply solution. Designed primarily as a full return fuel supply system with huge overhead capacity, the drop-in anti-surge tank supplies a fuel pressure regulator that is mounted to the rear intrusion brace situated in the trunk of the car - with the fuel supply and fuel return circuits all contained in that space.

This permits a very compact and easy installation without the need to run new fuel lines to the engine compartment - and in this configuration, this APS fuel supply system will deliver fuel for rock-steady fuel pressure at up to 600 WHP (Dynojet).

Attention to detail is a signature of APS systems and the APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System is a perfect example of taking this desirable attribute to new heights. In order to ensure total peace of mind and leak-free operation, the fuel pressure regulator is specified with a DOWTY washer beneath the pressure set screw lock nut and another below the dome nut. This completely eliminates the possibility of even the slightest fuel leakage up the threads of the adjusting screw for zero fuel odor inside the trunk or cabin.

Best of all, for those who demand even greater horsepower levels from their forced induction LS1/LS2 GTO engine, the APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System can be further added to in order to take advantage of the huge 1,000 WHP (Dynojet) fuel flow potential. By moving the boost referenced fuel pressure regulator to the engine compartment and with the addition of two dash six fuel supply hoses to billet fuel rails (using the stock fuel supply as a fuel return circuit), the APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System will deliver fuel for a genuine 1,000 WHP (Dynojet)!

  • Drop-in Twin Pump Anti Surge Tank
  • Twin Fuel Pumps
  • Full Return Fuel System
  • 600WHP (Dynojet) base configuration
  • 1,000 WHP (Dynojet) Fuel Supply with supporting additions (not included)
  • Neat, Straight Forward and Quick Installation

The comprehensive APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System is delivered complete with every nut, bolt and bracket required for easy installation.