APS Twin Fuel Rail
Fuel Supply System



APS Twin Fuel Rail Fuel Supply System

Traditional methods of boosting the fuel flow capacity on the Pontiac GTO have been quite straight forward and highly successful up to a point. When however, the engine performance envelope is pushed, the GTO fuel system requires substantial upgrading in order to support the desired engine horsepower levels.

For extremely high horsepower applications, APS has developed a thoroughly engineered twin fuel rail fuel supply system that unleashes the true potential of the APS twin pump fuel supply system - for the GTO performance enthusiast who desires a bullet proof fuel supply system for up to 1,000 WHP (Dynojet).

The APS Twin Fuel Rail fuel supply system is a very comprehensive and highly cost effective solution that is straight forward to install on the Pontiac GTO.

Designed to operate with extreme high power turbocharged / supercharged forced induction systems, the APS Twin Fuel Rail Fuel Supply System transfers fuel from the twin in-tank fuel pumps of the APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System via twin highly robust Teflon lined and stainless steel braided fuel lines to the billet alloy APS fuel rails.

By mating each fuel pump that is part of the base APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System with its own special fuel line to the engine bay, the maximum flow rate possible is achieved in order to consistently deliver very high fuel flow for high engine horsepower.

Each APS billet fuel rail delivers a high volume of fuel to each individual injector in a highly stable and uniform manner in order to achieve the best possible fuel distribution at such high horsepower levels.

The high volume fuel pressure regulator takes the return fuel from both APS fuel rails and then returns the fuel to the fuel tank via the stock fuel supply pipe (the APS twin Teflon lined stainless steel braided fuel hoses now supply fuel). In addition, the fuel pressure regulator can be boost referenced for those who prefer to tune with constant differential fuel pressure across the injector face. The APS fuel pressure regulator is also adjustable and includes a dedicated fuel pressure diagnostic port for real-time fuel pressure monitoring and data logging.

  • Twin Teflon Lined Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines
  • Twin Billet Alloy Fuel Rails
  • High Volume Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 600WHP - 1000 WHP (Dynojet) Applications
  • Neat, Straight Forward and Quick Installation

The comprehensive APS Twin Pump Fuel Supply System is delivered complete with every nut, bolt and bracket required for easy installation.