Jim's Unichip ECU 


"Speed and reliability are paramount in GTP racing and Unichip delivers both". 
 Jim Richards  


Congratulations Jim!
3 in a row Nations Cup Champion and Targa Tasmania Winner
Jim Richards wins with Unichip

Jim Richards is without doubt one of the most successful campaigners in GT Production and Nations Cup. Jim's not only a talented driver but also realizes the importance of the right engine management for his cars. Jim Richards relies on Unichip to work in conjunction with his factory ECU and to provide him the maximum power and torque from his GT3 Porsche. 
Whilst engine performance is important, engine durability is critical. That's why Unichip is Jim's engine management computer of choice. Unichip retains all the great features of the standard ECU such as knock sensors, temperature compensation and self learn facilities. It also gives Jim excellent throttle control which is so important in when driving on the edge.

1999 GTP Championship

2000 Nation's Cup Championship