APS Intercooled Twin Turbo
High Energy Manifolds



APS High Energy Exhaust Manifolds

The latest in bulletproof twin liquid cooled turbocharger technology is just part of the story. Exhaust gasses that feed each turbocharger must arrive at the turbine with the maximum amount of gas energy in order to ensure crisp turbocharger response and wicked power.

APS has designed, tooled and manufactured in super tough, high temperature high silicon/moly iron, cast exhaust manifolds. Fabricated components simply look racy but for street durability and smooth gas flow, castings are a must!

Not only are APS’s components cast, they have been designed to maximize flow and close-couple the turbine housings to the exhaust ports, for the most efficient transfer of heat energy (which is what actually drives the turbine). In addition, the free form cast design results in smooth gas flow from each exhaust port with no nast tight bends found with fabricated manifolds - consequently, absolutely instantaneous turbocharger boost response. The high thermal inertia provided by the APS cast manifolds is crucial in transferring energy and raising the efficiency of each turbocharger - cast manifolds perform this function much better than any fabricated solution.

This is particularly important under spirited driving conditions that require frequent periods of on/off throttle such as your favorite piece of twisty road. Let's face it, when you're in the middle of driving the perfect line through the apex of a corner and you squeeze the throttle, instantaneous turbocharger response and that tidal wave of torque is the ultimate rush!

The only reason every other system does not use them is, the cost of tooling. One of the first indicators of a professional turbo system manufacturer is their use of precision machined cast components, particularly exhaust manifolds/turbine outlets.

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