APS LS1 Intercooled Twin Turbo 


APS LS1 Intercooled Twin Turbo - Australia's Quickest 5.7L LS1 - 9.570 sec @ 145.6 mph
NEWS FLASH - Dynomotive smashes the 5.7L LS1 1/4 mile record with the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo - again!

Backing up his record breaking 9.81 second pass on his previous outing, Mark Trouson topped that previous time with a solid 9.570 second run at 145.6 mph. Again Mark believes that there's still a good deal more to come because he has yet to make a total full throttle pass down the strip because of the outrageous wheel spin regardless of where he is on the track.

It is quickly becoming evident that the only quick sub-10 second LS1 cars are those fitted with the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo!

Best of all, are the impeccable road manners and silky smooth torque and power delivery of the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system - at last a true performance package that can back it up with record breaking 1/4 mile performance.

APS LS1 Intercooled Twin Turbo - Australia's Quickest LS1 - 9.81 sec @ 140.3 mph

There's no denying that when APS wants to go quick, we don't muck about! Since the release of the LS1 in the Holden Commodore some years ago, it was quickly accepted by drag racing enthusiasts as a great platform to build upon.

For years though, breaking into the 9's was an elusive quarter mile time that until now, nobody had achieved. Until of course, APS delivered the first APS Intercooled Twin Turbo High Output System to Mark Trouson of Dynomotive, a well respected and enthusiastic APS specialist tuner.

With straight forward engine and chassis configuration listed below, the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo 'Tonner' blasted into the 9's with an incredible 9.81 sec @ 140.3 mph quarter mile run. What makes this feat even more impressive was that this was only the car's second time out to the drag strip.

APS Intercooled Twin Turbo High Output System at 13 p.s.i. boost pressure.

Stock front suspension (90/10 inserts)

Stock leaf spring rear (adjustable shocks) handmade slapper bars.

9 inch ford diff 3.73:1 gears, spool. 35 spline axles.

Powerglide, trans brake, 2200 r.p.m convertor.

Baby cam, 228@050 cleaned up heads with 1.6 ex valves.

Stock rockers, comp cams valve springs.

Fast manifold, 90mm throttle.

Full electrics including windows still working.

Passenger seat removed.

Stock fuel tank still fitted.

Weighs around 1750 kg (3,850 lb) including driver.

But this isn't where the story ends. With more fine tuning and dedicated drag strip development work, the APS-Dynomotive Tonner has a good deal more speed to come.

Stay tuned and watch the records crumble!

Click here for video action of the Tonner's 9.81 second pass

The Perfect 9 Second Tow Car!

Mark's sons compete in a variety of off road events that take Mark far and wide across the country with a trailer in tow - this time, to Narrandera. With a straight forward swap to a manual trans, his 9 second tonner was the logical choice of tow car.

Mark reaches Narrandera with trailer in tow.

Outstanding fuel economy from the lusty APS Intercooled Twin Turbo tonner. Mark chose to tow with the turbo tonner because it returns better fuel economy than his Senator. With bags of torque, it was an effortless cruise.

The only drawback.....bug splatter!