Dealer Contact Sheet


APS Engineering has implemented a world-wide dealer network in order to best serve our customers. Like a vehicle manufacturer such as GM, Subaru, Mitsubishi etc, consumer contact is through the dealer network and not through the manufacturer.

If you would like to enquire about APS products, please click on the APS Worldwide Dealer List for contact details of your nearest APS dealer.

If you are an APS dealer or would like to become an APS dealer, please use the contact sheet below.

I am an APS dealer or would like to become an APS dealer
Company Name:
Company Website:  
Company Phone Number:  
First Name: Important
Last Name: Important
Email Address: Important
Street/PO Box:  
City: Important
State: Important
Zip/Post Code:  
Country: Important
I am interested in the following product(s):

Chevrolet Corvette Systems Yes No
Ford XR6 Turbo Systems Yes No
Mitsubishi EVO Systems Yes No
Nissan 350Z Systems Yes No
Pontiac GTO & G8 Systems Yes No
Subaru WRX Systems Yes No
Safari Turbocharger/Intercooler Systems Yes No
Unichip Engine Management Yes No
I have specific question(s) to ask: 
Our company wishes to register our interest in becoming an APS dealer:
  Yes No  
Our company wishes to discuss with APS Engineering Pty Ltd the purpose building and manufacture of an APS Performance System and/or Ancillary Products to suit our specific requirement:
  Yes No  

APS Engineering Pty Ltd
73 Merrindale Drive, South Croydon VIC 3136 Australia.
Phone +61 3 9761 7244 Fax +61 3 9761 7665