Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Performance



North American Specification Lancer Evolution

APS identified the Lancer Evolution as a cult car in the mid 90’s and since then we have designed and manufactured high performing products to enhance the power levels of the exciting EVO.

The US Specification Lancer EVO is not actually an Evolution as the designation is normally understood. It is a unique specification which is why the vehicle does not actually have the numeral VII anywhere on it.

It will be no surprise to many that APS has imported a left hand drive North American Lancer Evolution to Australia for product development, extensive testing and finally product fitment and tuning verification.

The result of this dedicated program is a large number of new and exciting high performance products, massive front mount intercoolers, huge turbo back stainless steel exhaust systems, high flow cold air intakes, bolt on ball bearing turbochargers, sport exhaust manifolds, race fuel systems, all currently released and available from APS.

The above chart shows flywheel power and torque data for the stock US Specification Lancer Evolution running on the equivalent of US 94 (R+M)/2 octane fuel.

Engineered Adrenalin - APS High Output Systems

Individual Components

APS DR Series 3.5" Race Exhaust System
Turbo Back High Output Exhaust System
APS EVO 6 High Output Exhaust System
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P/N 590-019-000
High Flow Cat. Convertor
High Output Exhaust Manifold and APS ball bearing turbocharger assembly
INTERCOOLER Systems & Components
APS Bar & Plate Front Mount Intercooler System
Water Spray Reservoir
INLET / FUEL Systems & Components
High Output Inlet Manifold

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APS High Flow Air Intake System
High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve


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