Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Club Sport High Output System



APS Club Sport System Specifically designed for the US specification Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

APS Engineered Bolt-On 330 Horsepower - Club Sport High Output System

At last here is a "power-up" installation that has been designed and engineered as a complete system by one of the world's most experienced companies in the field. 

APS has transformed Mitsubishi's "pocket rocket" Lancer Evolution by boosting standard flywheel output to a truly exhilarating 330 Horsepower. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Significantly enhanced mid range torque really transforms the EVO into a torque monster with fantastic straight line acceleration and much more driveable than the stock vehicle. 

The highly regarded APS commitment to quality is assurance that reliability has been designed into the system.  

All components supplied have been carefully matched and exceed APS' strict performance and reliability criteria. An exhaustive testing program on APS' Evolution engineering vehicles ensures maximum performance. 

Performance is not only measured by quick quarter mile times and high speed. At APS we believe it's as important that you have many years of reliable enjoyment and a car that is always exhilarating to drive.

P/N APSEVO-CS/01 High Output System includes:

Turbo Back High Output Exhaust System
Plug In Engine Management
Water Spray Reservoir

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APS High Flow Air Intake System

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High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve

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