High Output Exhaust Manifold & APS Bal Bearing Turbocharger Assembly



APS High Output Exhaust Manifold & APS Ball Bearing Turbocharger

APS Ball Bearing Turbocharger

Most would agree that the stock EVO Turbocharger is an excellent street turbocharger, though limited to approx 350 horsepower.

With this in mind APS will release a number of Bolt on Ball Bearing Turbochargers to cover 350 to 600 horsepower applications.

Comprehensive installation hardware comprising a new exhaust manifold and custom High Flow Turbine Outlet will be part of the turbocharger upgrade.

As you would expect from an APS engineered product, all oil and water connection hardware will be included in addition installation diagrams and easy to follow written instructions are available.

Exhaust Manifold

The APS exhaust manifold for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution addresses a number of issues relevant to significantly increased power levels over stock.

With divided path primary runners, the APS High Output Exhaust manifold delivers superior exhaust gas flow. Along with the elimination of the 90 deg bend on the exhaust gas entry to the turbine housing, high gas speed. This results in more efficient turbocharger operation, crisp turbocharger response and higher engine power.

High Flow Turbine Outlet

For minimum restriction and optimum gas flow of exhaust gasses exiting the turbocharger, APS has engineered the High Flow Turbo Outlet housing. This housing is designed for high exhaust gas temperatures which are normal in high performance turbocharged engines. Cast in high temperature ductile iron ensures maximum durability under high rpm, load and boost conditions.

The shape of the exhaust immediately after the turbocharger is critical not only for strong outright performance, but for excellent turbo response and correct turbocharger and waste gate operation. The exact optimum shape for the best performance possible cannot be formed from steel tube and we at APS do not compromise on performance.

So when your ready to launch your EVO into the 10 second bracket APS has innovative products to help you achieve your dream.

The APS High Output exhaust manifold is available as a matched manifold and APS ball bearing turbocharger assembly only - for a truly ballistic EVO!

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