Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution High Output Exhaust System



High Output Exhaust System - P/N APSEVO-HOE/03
Optimum gas flow and minimal exhaust back pressure is essential for high power. The APS high output stainless steel exhaust system really performs.

Crafted in premium 304 stainless steel the APS system is designed to perform at the most extreme power levels.

Careful attention to tube diameter, smooth radius mandrel bends and muffler design is essential for high performance. With 20 years of experience in exhaust system design, we have built a superb exhaust system.

APS Catalytic ConverterOptional: APS has custom engineered the highest possible quality catalytic converter. With true 3" inlet/outlet connections, it features a high flowing stainless steel monolith packed in stainless steel mesh. No other aftermarket converter (and few O.E.M. pieces) are constructed to this high specification level.

Careful attention has also been paid to exhaust noise and note without compromising outright performance. A strong but subdued exhaust note with little or no drone at highway cruise and well matched to the dynamics of the EVO.

The APS High Output Exhaust System generates a distinctive sporty exhaust note, lifts both torque and power levels across the entire RPM range, is quick to install and the logical place to start if you desire higher performance from the Lancer Evolution.

APS Exhaust systems are engineered as complete systems including every nut, bolt and gasket required for installation.

Please check back soon for detailed technical data.

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