Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Front Mount Intercooler System


Professionally engineered performance for
350 - 600 horsepower applications.

APS Massive R Series Front Mount Intercooler System. Professionally engineered performance for 350 - 600 horsepower applications.
Increased turbo pressure raises change air temperature and in most applications creates a large pressure drop across the entire Intercooler System - not ideal for a high powered turbocharged engine.

The APS Front Mount Intercooler is optimised to dramatically lower charge air temperature and to minimise pressure drop across the Intercooler System. In addition this larger volume of chilled air generates the highest power and torque levels possible for a given combination of tuning parts.

As you might expect from APS the Intercooler features the best in intercooler technology bar and plate design with both external and internal fins for the ultimate in heat exchange. Smooth bore precision cast aluminum intercooler end tanks are standard equipment and designed to perform when the going gets hot. And speaking of heat, the APS intercooler system is outstanding in chilling the hot charge air. At 600 horsepower and 84 deg F, the chilled air from the APS intercooler is at maximum, 10 deg F over ambient at 60 mph.

To ensure long term durability every Intercooler is factory tested to withstand turbo pressure of 30+ PSI. Rest assured this intercooler is designed for serious enthusiast.

EVO enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the APS Front Mount Intercooler system has been designed as a do-it-yourself installation - and we are sure you will find the experience personally rewarding.

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