Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution High Flow Cold Air Intake System



APS High Flow Cold Air Intake System

The APS smooth bore cast aluminium cold air intake system and air filter delivers a huge volume of cool air to the turbo charger for maximum engine performance.

Unlike ram pods, which source hot air from under the bonnet, the APS system breathes cool air from the inner guard for the optimum engine performance and durability. More importantly the air through the APS high flow air intake system is consistent in temperature. This means that the engine management unit's temperature compensation system operates correctly - unlike devices that source air from the highly turbulent areas under bonnet.

The APS High Flow Air Intake System is professionally engineered as a complete system and includes every nut and bolt required for installation - And, it's easy to install with no cutting or drilling required.

Note: Fitment of the APS High Flow Cold Air Intake System requires the APS Intercooler Water Spray Reservoir.

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