High Flow Inlet Manifold



APS High Flow Inlet Manifold

The APS High Flow intake manifold for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution represents a massive improvement over the stock component.

By removing the primary runner dog-leg, which is a provision for right hand drive installation, primary runners are now straightened and the inlet port floor approach angle is now maintained. Along with a 20% tapered runner cross sectional area, charge air flow through the inlet manifold is significantly increased throughout the RPM range.

Extensive development has gone into the plenum chamber design in order to achieve what is arguably the ultimate EVO intake manifold for left hand drive applications. Volume has been significantly increased along with a corresponding increase in entry size to accommodate larger throttle body mounting.

Most significantly of all, the APS High Flow Intake Manifold is supplied complete with provision for a set of four auxiliary Bosch style fuel injectors, custom 5/8 inch I.D. fuel rail and high quality fittings.

When used with appropriate engine management, this is a true 650 Horsepower intake manifold.

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